Top Tips for Effective Web Design

Our web team at Tweetiepie Media has put together some top tips that we believe are important for effective web design.

  1. Have purpose – Your website should always cater to the need of the intended target audience. Make sure that you convey information on each page in the most effective way.
  2. Navigation – Can your customers make their way around your website easily? Intuitive navigation allows users to easily move around and find content within your website.
  3. Mobile Friendly – Ensure your website has a responsive layout when looking at it on mobile and tablet devices. Not only does this allow your customers to view the website seamlessly over multiple devices but Google ranks you higher for it.
  4. Call to Action – Where do you want your customers to go while they are on your website? Remember your calls to action.
  5. Incorporate Social Media – Social media is one of the best avenues to establish and grow a customer base and brand. Make it easy for your users to share your content.

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