Get Your Business Online in 2021!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get your business online!

2020 has been the year of change for us all – particularly small businesses striving to survive through the ongoing pandemic. 

‘Pivoting’ has been a key word that most business owners have had to embrace in order to survive and navigate their business through 2020. Many have had to break out of their comfort zone and set themselves up online whilst others have looked at ways to further increase their use of the online environment. If you haven’t taken your business online yet, the great thing is… there’s still time!

Getting your business online isn’t as daunting as it might initially appear. Here at Tweetiepie Media, we are big fans of ‘Woocommerce’, a free wordpress plugin that can be added to your wordpress website, giving you a shop functionality without any ongoing monthly fee.

Woocommerce gives you the ability to sell your products or services online, potentially to anyone in the world, with the opportunity to add further functionalities as you go along.  

Some great positives for trading online include:

  • The ability to sell to anyone, anywhere around the world
  • The ability to sell your products and services 24 hours per day – wake up in the morning to orders from around the world
  • Widen your customer base, increase your revenue and profits!

So, you’ve got your shop set up on your website, now – how do you encourage customers to visit your website? 

It’s important to consider who your target markets are and where they are likely to hang out online. You might already have some social media platforms set up and a captive audience ready to head over to your website to browse and buy, or you might be starting from scratch. Either way, choose the right marketing platforms online and offline to help you drive that traffic. 

Not sure where to start, or you would just like a chat to find out if you are going in the right direction? 

Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help!

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