TPM’s Top Twitter Tips!

Not sure how to use Twitter? We’ve got some top tips just for you…

When it comes to using Twitter, many companies are unsure on how to approach it and may feel a little bit wary about it. How often to post, what to write about, how to use hashtags… there’s so much to consider! With that in mind, here are our top tips for posting on Twitter:

Engage with customers
The whole point in social media is being social! Ask interesting questions, ask for customer opinions, get involved in current discussions. Social media platforms are a fantastic way to get your brand’s personality across – use them to your advantage!

How to get involved with what’s trending – know your #hashtags!
Keeping up to date with the latest hashtags is a fun way to get involved in conversations. Try to stick to relevant hashtags as best you can, but some of the funnier ones can be good too! We recommend keeping an eye on the likes of National Days or National Weeks – there’s bound to be something relevant to your business. You can even have a bit of fun with it & create your own hashtags!

How often should you tweet?
This really depends on the type of company, but for most clients we recommend a couple of times per day to keep in touch with your customers. Twitter is a much more instant platform than Facebook, so a higher number of posts is usually recommended. You should also consider the times you post at. What audience are you targeting? Will they see your tweet?

Vary your content
We’ve all followed those companies – the ones that send out the same tweets all the time! There’s nothing wrong with posting about the same offer, or event, or menu, or whatever it may be (at the end of the day, that’s part of what these platforms are great for) but try to think up new ways to talk about these things rather than the same boring wording copied and pasted every day or so! Nobody wants to see that, and ultimately it will end with you losing followers.

Twitter can be a fantastic networking tool if used correctly. You know that company you want to connect with? Send them a tweet! Whether you’re engaging them in conversation, giving them a shout out, or simply a retweet, this is a great way to start to build relationships. And who knows, that one tweet you dared to send may lead to some exciting new opportunities beyond the scope of Twitter!

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