10 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising is Important

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

Facebook advertising is an essential tool to enable your brand to reach its target audience on a much larger scale.

It allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments as you see necessary to maximise the influence of your content.

Some of the reasons why Facebook Advertising is so effective are:

  1. Gets more visibility for your Facebook content
  2. Can boost traffic to your website
  3. Improve your click-through rate
  4. Boosts interactions with your content (impressions/likes/shares)
  5. Allows you to target your desired audience (gender/age/location/interests/etc)
  6. Affordable – you can set your campaign budget
  7. Fast results! Ads normally appear within 24hrs and start working immediately
  8. Access to one of the largest demographics
  9. Easily tracked through Facebook – in-depth data and analysis
  10. Ad forecasting and performance estimations

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