There’s an App For That

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Over the years, words have crept up in our everyday vocabulary that weren’t there even a few years ago. Take “selfie” for example – selfies have been going on for years, but only now has it made its way into the Oxford Dictionary. The same goes for App – 10 years ago, not many people would have even known what an App was never mind use them on a day-to-day basis. There’s a reason why the phrase “There’s an App for that” is so commonly used, because more than likely, you’ll find what you’re looking for. So, the question is: Why are apps so popular? Why do businesses and organisations create them? Here are a few benefits to having your very own app…

On the Move

There’s a reason why responsive websites are incredibly important nowadays, because more than ever, people are browsing on mobile devices. On top of having a mobile-ready website, creating an app will give potential customers even more access to your business on the move.

No Wifi? No Problem!

There is no greater look of fear across the faces of modern commuters than the moment they discover there is no wifi. Luckily, with apps – they still work perfectly fine without wifi, so for that whole time they are on the train, bus, alone at a table waiting for food, your app steps to the mark, giving more exposure for your business.

Easier Than You Think…

Leave it up to us to create and customize an app that meets your requirements and represents your business. You’ll also receive full training on how to add frequent content to your app and make the most of it for your business.

Interested? Get in touch to start creating your app with us here Tweetiepie Media.

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