Online Ticketing System

McGill’s Days Away – Case Study

McGill’s Buses offer transportation to many places throughout Scotland and also the UK.  As well as conducting their regular services, McGill’s wanted to do something a little different that they knew there would be demand for – Summer and Winter day trips to key locations throughout the UK. 

They decided to plan trips visiting places such as Edinburgh, Oban, Gretna and even a trip to the Newcastle Metro Centre at Christmas time – Offering Inverclyde and Renfrewshire customers the opportunity to explore different areas of Scotland/North of England within a day’s trip.



  • Ability to purchase online 24/7 
  • Reduce the requirement for manual labour
  • Reduce the pressure on the customer service team phone calls
  • Controlled inventory to ensure no overselling
  • Tickets emailed to the customer to be environmental friendly 


McGill’s approached Tweetiepie Media to provide a ticketing system that would allow their customers to easily purchase tickets online whilst being manageable from an administrative perspective too. 

Tweetiepie Media teamed up with a 3rd party company to develop this idea further and put it in place for McGill’s. Our 3rd party partner provides multi-function systems for trips such as this plus many more uses.

The system is safe and secure and it has many functions such as being able to brand your own tickets, pay with various cards and exporting reports. The system is easy to use and McGill’s were able to run their trips smoothly, manage ticket sales and inventory to avoid overbooking their trips.