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In this week’s post, we talk about the benefits of blogger interaction and some hints and tips on how to get them involved with your business…

Media has changed. Back in the day, newspapers and magazines ruled the roost and advertising costs could be extremely expensive. Nowadays, the digital age has changed the face of journalism with the introduction of bloggers. Blogs are now amongst some of the most influential publications in the world, with fast post turnaround, frequent social media interaction and a high volume of followers – followers that when linked to the right direction, can end up becoming followers of your company too.


As mentioned in our previous post, the #Pinto3 launch day had a queue around the block, and this was down to social media. Looking through those sharing #1000freburritos and posting about the launch – a high volume were bloggers. We sent a press release over to a list of bloggers that we had gathered in the previous months prior to the launch and it proved to be incredibly effective. Here are a few tips on getting bloggers involved with your business:


1. Research: Even if your business is based in the middle of nowhere a) there may still be a few bloggers around b) being online opens your options to everyone on the world wide web. Make your launch viral or even do an event in the nearest city. There are always pockets of blogger communities in and around cities.

2. The tone of voice is different when it comes to bloggers. Your press releases are a tad more formal, but bloggers tend to respond better to a more casual tone. Have fun with it!

3. Work out your terms and conditions and offer something in return – at the end of the day, bloggers are sent loads of press releases every  day and what’s in it for them? You can always offer something to do with your business- either a discount code, a voucher or a prize.

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