#Pinto3 Launch

Pinto 3

A queue around the corner, happy customers and #1000freeburritos, Tuesday marked the opening fiesta of #Pinto3

Social media plays  a huge part in marketing today, and we were involved with the opening of Pinto Mexican Kitchen’s third branch in Glasgow. For us, planning started with creating a buzz prior to the launch, and included a host of fun competitions and hashtags to really draw people to the event.

First of all, we gave Pinto fans the opportunity to cut the ribbon at the opening of Pinto3 – all they had to do was send in a love poem to Pinto (the deadline was Valentine’s day, of course) There was an amazing response and we had a good giggle in the office! Some real Lotharios out there!

Pinto Mexican

We also had an on going competition for people to win burritos for their office (up to 15 people) which was a great way to make use of Facebook apps. However, the real game changer for the opening of Pinto 3 was #1000freeburritos.

The first person in line at Pinto 3 won a month’s free burritos, the following four, a week’s free burritos. After that, 1000 Pinto fans tucked into free burritos. Needless to say, the #1000freeburritos went viral prior to event and resulted in the buzz that we hoped for…

Pinto 3

This was the queue around the block, even the police came to control the crowds…

All jokes aside, the launch of Pinto 3 was the most talked about event in Glasgow that day and has continued to buzz all over Facebook and Twitter.

Did you manage to get one of the #1000freeburritos?