Vieve: Forbes 30 under 30 ????

A great Scottish success story!

Join us in the celebration of Scottish make-up artist and businesswoman, Jamie Genevieve. Jamie’s success has her named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year and from her humble upbringing in Tillicoultry, it is truly something to celebrate. This year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 social media list highlights those within the creative community who are shaping the economy within their field.

Genevieve has grown in popularity, being named a beauty guru and Instagram “baddie’. She has grown her network through the clever marketing of herself and her name. Genevieve began her career working on counters where she honed her skills and began putting her skills into practice with the general public. Genevieve, despite working 6 days a week, became consumed with her craft and started building an online presence by creating YouTube and Instagram make-up tutorials. Her online presence and self-promotion are what allowed her followers and clientele count to rocket! Jamie had successfully created a demand for herself and as this grew, began freelancing, splitting her time between private clients and teaching workshops. These workshops allowed her to grow a community of eager followers and after just one year, she was financially stable enough to embark on creating content full-time. 

With her growing success, Geneive set her eyes on creating her own brand with products that met the needs of her community and filled the gaps in the industry where she had flourished. Despite her massive success, Geneive took 5 years to cultivate and perfect the products that would come together to form her brand. Geneive wanted to ensure that the products she made would be multifunctional, affordable and luxurious. In late 2018, Geneive collaborated with MAC on a limited edition lipstick and after the massive success of the lipstick, Geneive decided it was time to launch her line. 

After securing investor Venrex, owned by the billion-dollar beauty empress Charlotte Tilbury, the dreams of Geneive were within her grasp. Her brand Vieve was ready for launch in early 2020 but the rise of Covid 19,  threw a spanner in the works and the launch of the line was delayed. Vieve launched in November 2020 and was an instant sensation. Geneive’s community rushed to secure products from their beloved influencer’s line. 

Vieve launched a small collection of only 4 products in various shades, all of which sold out within a week. Geneive took a slow-release marketing strategy as she created anticipation and high demand, as she grew her range. Throughout 2021, Geneive launched 1 new product each month and with every new product launch, she was met with greater success. 

Geneive has shown modern creators the great power behind building an online network and community. She has prioritised her clientele and marketed for the everyday person in today’s society. Her success was made possible with her commitment, hard work and ability to dream. 

Her consistent social media presence has allowed her to reach an impressive 1.4 million followers. Genieve is on every trend and gives her viewers exactly what they are dying to see. Her fun and energetic personality makes her relatable and likeable. The success of Vieve may also be attributed to its vegan and cruelty-free products, which have become a key concern of consumers worldwide. The focus on the origins of our products is being discussed more than ever before, consumers are steering clear of brands that aren’t sustainable, that test on animals or are somehow unethically obtained. 

Vieve’s campaign teased and intrigued fans from the start, with promos, blurred shots and hints at the much-anticipated makeup line launch. Vieve’s marketing strategy was geared towards staying authentic, every new product was accompanied by an in-depth tutorial by Vieve herself explaining how to get use out of her line. The fans continued to interact with Vieve in a huge way, which in turn shows that creating a community works as a fantastic marketing tool as the fans ultimately sold the brand for her.

Vieve ensured that all her products encompassed the idea that “everyone’s an artist”, this made the Vieve line relatable and gave her fans hope that despite their varying experiences with makeup, they too could recreate Vieve looks easily with her products. In doing so, Vieve created a storm, people watched the tutorials and they too felt they could achieve the looks from the make-up artist’s chair in the comfort of their own homes. Vieve’s huge success could be narrowed down to the notion that everyone is an artist, that everyone has the capability to create something beautiful and with these products, the results were easily attainable.

Vieve created a line that was versatile enough to be used for everyday wear but was daring enough to really get creative with. This versatility meant the line really could be used and marketed to everyone regardless of their skills or background. The focus on quality and luxury was also key messaging, this set Vieve apart from other influencer make-up lines and highlighted Vieve’s expertise in the field and her dedication to making an affordable brand that did exactly as it says on the tin.

The Vieve collection has been so successful due to its great quality, branding, loyal community and clever marketing by Genevieve and her team. Creating demand for her products, pre-release, by drip-feeding teasers to her community has rocketed her brand to success! Jamie has now cemented Vieve as a prominent name within the beauty community and we can’t wait to see what Jamie does next.

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