Tweetiepie Media Sponsors This Years Sustainability Award! Exclusive Q&A With Storm In A Teacup’s Alyson Doolan.

This year Tweetiepie Media were privileged enough to sponsor the Inverclyde Chamber’s Icon Award for Sustainability. 

Sustainability is something that everyone here at TPM is really passionate about. We feel it’s vital that all businesses, small and large, make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint and challenge themselves to come up with creative ways to become more environmentally friendly. We value the businesses that have put environmental welfare at the forefront of their company and feel these efforts should duly be recognised and celebrated. 

The category we sponsored had two worthy businesses shortlisted, Storm in a Teacup and The Inverclyde Bothy. Storm in a Teacup won with the allure of their botanical candles made from soy wax and their means of repurposing vintage crockery, offering a refill and hire service. All of their products and packaging are both biodegradable and recyclable. 

We spoke to Alyson Doolan the founder of the company and asked her a few questions about her business, what sustainability means to her and how the icon award has impacted her and her business. 

How do you feel about winning your first Inverclyde Chambers Icon award?

I feel surprised, overwhelmed, and proud to have won the Inverclyde Chamber Icon award for sustainability.

Why is sustainability so important to you and your business? 

We live in a throw-away society where many items are simply replaced instead of being reused or repurposed.  I feel that I must do my best to conserve resources in order to reduce waste and offer hope to future generations.

As a business owner, it is my responsibility to offer customers not only a high quality product but also be mindful of our ever-changing environment.  I use of soy wax to make all, hand poured candles and melts (a renewable vegetable product that is paraben-free and biodegradable), the packaging is biodegradable and/or recyclable and all vintage crockery is either reused to make unique candles and cake stands or available to hire for special occasions.

What inspired you to start your business?

In 2020, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that resulted in a lengthy hospital stay to regain my ability to walk and control seizures.  I was unable to continue my twenty-nine-year-long career as a local veterinary nurse due to extreme fatigue.  

I knew that I would require a job with flexible hours to accommodate health needs and regular outpatient appointments, sitting at home was not an option due to my stubborn nature!

‘Storm in a teacup’ was created by combining my love of vintage crockery and fragranced candles, allowing me to work from home and be my own boss.

How has winning the Sustainability award impacted your business so far?

Winning the sustainability award is a fantastic endorsement of my small business.  The publicity has raised my business profile locally and further afield, allowing me to engage with a wider audience.  

I’m extremely grateful for the nomination! 

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