Lizzy Todd, owner and director of Tweetiepie Media, becomes Inverclyde Chamber’s Youngest Female President

We are thrilled to announce that Lizzy Todd has made history as the youngest female President of the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce! 

At just 34 years old, Lizzy has shown a remarkable level of talent, knowledge, and dedication, which has made her a natural fit for the position.

Tweetiepie Media, under the direction of Lizzy Todd, has been a member of the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce since 2013, and she has subsequently become Board Member and Director of the Chamber in 2019.

Lizzy has been a driving force behind many of the Chamber’s initiatives, contributing her time and energy to build collaborative relationships with businesses within and out with the Inverclyde area. Her exceptional communication and leadership skills have helped her stand out from the crowd, and her growth mindset has allowed her to flourish in her role.

In addition to her work with the Chamber, Lizzy is a passionate advocate for Inverclyde, championing inclusion and growing the economic potential of Inverclyde.

Please join us in congratulating Lizzy on this well-deserved honour and recognising her contributions to the business community in and also out with Inverclyde. We are excited to see what her leadership will bring to the Chamber in the months and years to come.

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