Tweetiepie Media Works With The Galoshans Festival For The Second Year Running!

TweetiePie Media is working alongside RigArts again this year, to bring to you Galoshans Festival!

Tweetiepie Media is proud to announce that we are working with both RIG Arts and CVS Inverclyde for their Galoshans Festival for the second year running. The Galoshans festival is created for and by the people of Inverclyde to celebrate our creative community. The premise of the festival is a series of events which incorporate the spirit of Halloween. This year’s festival has a particular focus on the art of Storytelling. 

We are thrilled to be helping bring such a wealth of art and culture to Inverclyde, where we, in collaboration, with other local businesses will celebrate the art of Scotland’s rich history associated with Storytelling. 

Working with RIG Arts again this year is a pleasure and we are delighted to be on board. Some highlights include a series of ticketed events hosted by The Beacon Art Centre that capture their audience’s imagination. The Festival pushes its festivalgoers to some of Inverclyde’s scenic spots such as The Battery Park, Coronation Park and Greenock’s town centre – highlighting both the beauty and the uniqueness of Inverclyde and providing a vital boost to our local economy. 

Galoshans in collaboration with Feral Arts sees incredible events staged both indoors and outdoors, making it a festival for the masses. This year sees spectacular performances from the Thingumajig Theatre, which will enthral audiences with the story of Ghost Caribou. The performance makes use of mesmerising giant puppets to convey the tale – an event not to be missed. 

Galoshans is also set to welcome Rob Heaslip to Inverclyde with Strawboys, a vibrant pop-up performance that combines both traditional and contemporary dance and music. This performance is promised to engage and energise crowds and convey the fun spirit of storytelling throughout the ages.  

With artists and performers from around the United Kingdom, Galoshans is promising to be an unmissable event. The festival features events and performances from Hanna Tuulikki, Ashley Peevor and Mamoru Iriguchi. Please see the programme for a full list of events.


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