The Benefits of Live Chat

You may have heard of our new live chat service – here’s how it can benefit your business…

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Over the years, customer service has changed. Today’s companies do not always have the same face-to-face interaction, meaning email, telephone calls and even social media are the main points of contact for customers. Although these methods are perfectly fine, there’s a new player in customer service. Introducing Live Chat by Tweetiepie Media: New, state-of-the-art software that not only alerts you when someone visits your website and what pages they are viewing at the time, but also allows you to live chat as they browse. If that’s not enough to wow you, here are a few benefits of having live chat for your business…

Instant Customer Happiness
Have you ever been on hold for hours on end with terrible elevator music playing in the background? You certainly don’t get the feeling that your call is important to them, regardless of what the automated voice is telling you. With live chat, your customers can simply pop on to your website and have their questions answered right away. Hello happy customers!

Responsive Chat Invitations
In our opinion, this is what really makes this software stand out. Set pro-active alerts for your website visitors, meaning a message of your choice will pop up as and when they browse. No waiting around for potential customers to click on the live chat box, customer service is always present on your website – inviting visitors to make the most of it.

Record Keeping
Every conversation on live chat is automatically saved in your transcript history. Forget endless post-it notes and Chinese whispers – there will be a full record of your business’ customer service to reference.

Time is of the Essence
We have a full-time, specialist live chat team in our virtual call centre, meaning you will have more time to do what you do best, knowing your customer service is in safe hands.

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