Happy International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day ????

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel.

Entrepreneurship is defined as having ideas that go beyond others’ thinking and being willing to take the necessary risk to make your visions a reality. 

On International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we celebrate the great women who have brought their visions into reality in order to create the brands we all love. 

Tweetiepie Media was born through Lizzy Todd, our managing director, setting out to create a business for herself. TPM was inspired by Lizzy’s drive for flexibility in her role, a desire for choice in the industries she worked and a variety of clients she would collaborate with. She didn’t want to work for a big corporation and felt a need to learn from each person she encountered so she could continue to grow, refine and develop her skills and knowledge. This is something that Lizzy continues to value going forward. 

The decision to form Tweetiepie Media came as Lizzy left the Isle of Eriska Hotel. Setting herself the target of forming her own marketing agency over a six-month period, she did so as a test in order to ensure she could sustain herself financially. This six-month period was crucial to Lizzy’s decision to continue Tweetiepie Media, as throughout this time her passion was fuelled as she saw herself and the business flourishing. 

As Tweetiepie Media reaches its COVID-belated 10-year anniversary, it’s important to take note of the success and challenges the company has faced. Tweetiepie Media has worked with a diversity of industries such as hospitality, construction, events, health and beauty and sports teams to name a few. TPM has guided clients from an assortment of backgrounds and with each project, the company as a whole has grown and adapted. Tweetiepie Media now employs 4 full-time staff at their main office in Greenock, Inverclyde, alongside a great network of contractors who we work with on a daily basis – delivering for 100 clients annually. Through Lizzy’s work within the community and with the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce, Tweetiepie Media’s reputation as a marketing agency has continued to thrive. 

When asked what entrepreneurship means to her and what being a woman in business is like, Lizzy answers “I see entrepreneurship as the ability to spot opportunities and grasp these opportunities to grow the business. I also see entrepreneurship as having the ability to adapt in order to survive and grow as a business as well as an individual. Thinking differently for the better to help others.”

“I would say the number of women in business is a lot greater now than it has been in the past and continually growing each year which is great news. I think women now realise that whatever their circumstances, they can create and build a business to whatever level they want whilst doing something that they love. I think today there is a lot more support for women who are looking to start and grow a business. There are some great communities out there with incredible people who are supportive of each other and great networks whereby women in business can get the support and resources they need to achieve what they strive to.”

Tweetiepie Media are forever grateful for the client base we have grown and their loyalty means so much to us. We would like to on this day, encourage all to celebrate the great women we have in business here in Inverclyde and across Scotland. 

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