Go Green Marketing

Stop the press! Here’s why going online is not only beneficial for your business, but for the environment too…


Going Green is something that we’ve  known about for years; with the looming signs of global warming, we’re all doing our best to try and help the planet that we call home. Worldwide, paper accounts for 42% of trees cut down every year, meaning less of a carbon-dioxide/oxygen balance and of course, the demise of many natural habitats.

In the history of marketing and running a business, paper once played a very important part – from print media ads to flyers and general admin, offices used to be full-to-the-brim with clutter. Although paper still has a part to play, businesses are starting to lean towards a greener approach: Online Media.

We’re all familiar with the internet and could go on for hours about how great social media is for marketing, the benefits of SEO and of course, the epicenter that is Google Drive, but one thing that all of these elements have in common is that they all contribute towards reducing waste and helping the environment.

  • Social Media and Newsletters
  • Used correctly and they could be a constant stream of marketing – can you imagine what it would be like sending information leaflets to the doors of all your customers? A) Expensive B) Time Consuming C) A lot of paper.
  • Online Ads
  • Print media is still alive, but online media is kicking! Approach online publications and blogs to advertise – a lot of the time it ends up cheaper because they don’t have any expensive printing overheads to pay.
  • The Cloud
  • Personally, we like using Google Drive, but basically the Cloud is the name for online storage. Instead of printing everything out and storing in bulky filing cabinets, you can have it all online and password-protected in the one place. We hope it never happens, but if your office  goes on fire, you’ll still have all your hard work at the touch of a button.

For green online solutions, get in touch – we’ll help your business save money, grow exposure and even help the planet. 

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