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What makes a customer open an email? We give some hints and tips on how to make your company newsletter stand out from the crowd.


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Monday morning, you have a moment to sit down with a cup of coffee and check your emails.  Although you’re only expecting to hear from a few people, you are met with a million messages; “BUY THIS” – “SIGN HERE” – “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON A PET CAMEL!”  Sure, the spam filter is there, but for some reason, a few have slipped under the radar. Now, as a business, it’s important to think about how you behave as a consumer. How do you react to promotions? What catches your eye? Newsletters are a great way to get directly in touch with your customers, but there’s a very fine line between a customer opening your newsletter or simply throwing it in the trash folder with the rest. No matter if the content is top notch; first impressions mean everything, which in this case is your subject line. Here are a few things to take on board when sending out that company newsletter…


Keep it Simple

Don’t over complicate things. Imagine you were handing out your newsletter as a leaflet on the street – what would you say before handing it to passersby? Something short and snappy that sums it up in a few words.


Make it interesting

Like we said, it shouldn’t be too long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it exciting. Your newsletter is competing with every other company the customer is in touch with (even competitors) so make sure it stands out! Ask yourself these questions:  Who is my market? Why should they open my newsletter? What will make them open my newsletter? That should get you on the right track.


Things to Include

There are certain things that stand out in newsletter email subject lines that may encourage the customer to read what’s inside. For example, the location has an impact; if they see something happening in a location close to them, they will be more inclined to want that information. The same goes for time – make sure your newsletters are relevant to what’s happening now or at least what’s happening soon.


Things not to include

There are also things that completely put customers off in their inbox. Capital letters and lots of exclamation marks always look a bit “spammy” so keep them at bay. Buzzwords like “X percent off” or “help” often get stuck in the spam folder as do phrases that seem too good to be true. Think about what would put you off.


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