Collab-ing with the Community: Client Sit-down

We have been working with local business Clyde Eats since the start of their journey in 2021 and it has been a pleasure to support them in establishing their brand and presence on social media and within the local community. 

We have supported Clyde Eats with social media management, content creation and scheduling, including graphics creation and copywriting, running social ads, running competitions, follower building and actively analysing their progress. Owner Janine Brennan has been active in collaborating with us to think further outside the box and create content for the brand that engages its audiences and contributes to the community. Janine is incredibly passionate about giving back to the community and has worked closely with various charities in Inverclyde. Clyde Eats has supported and raised funds for Inverclyde charities such as Ardgowan Hospice, Inverclyde Food Bank and Man On and has been vital in raising awareness and helping give them a wider platform.

We sat down with the owner of Clyde Eats Janine to learn more…

What was the inspiration behind Clyde Eats? 

Honestly, the intention was to reduce the amount of money our other business (The Cottage Cafe Bistro) was giving to Just Eat, etc (£1k+ per week)!! We believed we could not only save ourselves money but other businesses and contribute to the wider community in a positive way.

How has the journey of your brand been so far and how did Covid affect it? 

Our brand journey began just as restrictions started to relax. We have built the brand of core values Save, Serve & Support. It has been challenging at times given the significant grip large global brands have on this industry. However with the support of local independent businesses, the people of Inverclyde and a network of other local like-minded businesses, we have seen a steady increase in sales & popularity.

What is your vision for Clyde Eat’s future?

The vision is simply to grow the business, continue supporting the business community, offering a more affordable online solution for consumers who prefer to have all their food/drink options under one roof. We plan to continue contributing to and supporting local charities, groups & projects. Ideally to be the No. 1 choice for online deliveries in Inverclyde.

What has been your business’s biggest achievement?

Although a highlight is winning the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce Business Icon Award for Entrepreneurism…I would say it’s taking a little idea, believing in it and saving businesses over £140,000 in commission in under 16 months.

What aspects contributed most to your business’s success and what is your secret?

Great marketing (supported by Tweetiepie Media of course), Buying from businesses and consumers and genuine care for helping and supporting the community. We pride ourselves on a very personal touch.

What does community mean to you? 

It means being there to contribute to a large group of people. A coming together, for the greater good and not just personal gain.

If you had to describe your business in 3 words what would they be? 

Engaging, Supportive, Focused

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