The Best of Halloween Marketing

It’s coming up to the spookiest night of the year, so we’ve rounded up some of the best marketing campaigns for Halloween…

Halloween, if anything, is a time to be creative. Between costumes, decorations and even how to carve your pumpkin, the American way has taken the world by storm, and now, more than ever, businesses are racking their brains for inventive ways to make the most of Halloween from a marketing point of view. Here’s a little advice from Team TPM…

  • Think outside the box – how can you relate your business to something spooky? Don’t force it – it could be minimalist, but still hint at a little Halloween fun.
  • Don’t overhaul your entire website, but if you create one graphic that’s Halloween related, you’ll be able to use it on your home page or even your Facebook cover photo.
  • Be tasteful – as with all marketing, try not to offend anyone! It can be a little tongue in cheek, but the most important thing is to retain the reputation of your business.

The thing is, it can be difficult to think of something that isn’t the usual pumpkin and ghost combo, so here are a few ideas from ads of Halloween past and present for a little inspiration…

halloween2 halloween3 halloween4 halloween5 halloween6 halloween7 halloween8 halloween9

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