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Tweetiepie Media: Hello!

Hello! If you’ve clicked on this link, you probably want to know a little more about Tweetiepie Media.

About Us Tweetiepie MediaSure, there’s the official About Us page (complete with snazzy profiles on all of us here at TPM) but our blog is the perfect way to get to know us better. Every week, we’ll be posting inside knowledge, hints and tips straight from us – so keep your eyes peeled!

For those of you who are new to TPM, we are the place to go for businesses building an online presence. From website design, blogs, SEO and social media management – we cover it all!  You can find out more about Tweetiepie Media’s founder, Lizzy on her profile – but here are some of the basics about the company..


Why did you decide to start up Tweetiepie Media?

I always wanted to work for myself and do something that I actually enjoyed doing. There was a gap in the market for companies offering social media, and over time, due to client demand, it has developed into a multi-platform service.


What’s the meaning behind the name?

Well, some people think it’s to do with a certain yellow canary, but it’s not. To be honest, it’s just a memorable name and the “Tweet-ie” part relates to the digital world.


What – in your words – is Tweetiepie Media for those who don’t quite know a lot about social media?

Social media is great way for companies to be in touch with their existing and potential customers. We provide social media support as well as full management for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer a variety of marketing ideas to help these companies make the most of what they have and to further reach their target audience.


So, there you have it: The basics of Tweetiepie Media. Make sure to check back on our blog for our latest posts. Want to know more? Sign up to our newsletter!