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Social Media: Where are we going in 2013?

Each year social media grows at an alarming rate, and with the incredible figures from 2012 (Read our post about The Social Media Epidemic) it is clear that the new wave of marketing is a force not to be reckoned with. The question is, what next?


Search Engine OptimisationOne particular thing that I noticed, is the imperative use of visual marketing. It seems to be a pretty obvious statement, but you will be surprised by the amount of companies who do not use visual marketing to its’ full advantage. Are you really getting the product out there? Is the brand really strong enough? All of these factors build up to determine whether you sell your product/service and whether you make a living.

Once your visual marketing is right, take the advantage of E-Commerce. Are you using E-Commerce yet? If not, WHY NOT? If someone told you twenty years ago that you could have access to 85% of the world’s consumers, then you would take the chance. A few decades down the line, you have that opportunity, so why miss out on sales when you could be making money?

You have your visual marketing sorted, you have all the tools to sell online, now you have to reach out to your customers. Content marketing is a crucial element of modern day success. In a world that is controlled by the media, it is a no-brainer that publications are an invaluable source of marketing. Use the media to your advantage to gain customers and new interest.

After capturing the attention of your customers, it is important to keep their interest. Social media is the perfect way to keep your customers up to date with your product or service. There are many options of social media platforms to choose from, but keeping up with all of them can be tricky and impractical. It is better to pick two platforms with consistent, solid content than try to spread the work too wide. The result should be strong and easy to identify instead of weak and brand damaging. Find your strengths and work with them.

These are my predictions for marketing in 2013, but with the ever turning age of technology, it is certain that new ideas will come to mind, and the game of marketing with change all over again.