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Social Media Epidemic

Everywhere you look, people are connecting on their iPhones, talking via Skype, browsing on their tablets; the list goes on and on. Recent figures have shown the gigantic growth in social media and how it has become a global epidemic.


Social Media EpidemicDid you know that 350,000,000 people have Facebook addiction syndrome? This is considered a legitimate addiction. Soon, there will be Facebook Anonymous meetings popping up around the country. With more and more models of social media emerging onto the interweb, here are a few fun facts to make your brain tick:

1. If Twitter was based on population, it would be the 12th largest country in the world.
2. Three MILLION new blogs come online every month.
3. 575 likes are made every SECOND on Instagram.
4. On the internet, 5,000,000 images are uploaded every single day.
5. The google +1 button is used 5 BILLION times a day.
6. Pinterest drives more referral traffic to your websire that Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined.
Speaking of Youtube, the infamous Gangnam style is the most watched video of all time with more than 532 million views! Check out Greenock Oak Mall doing just that!