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Quirky Marketing Ideas from Idealcases.com

We’re always on the look out for quirky marketing ideas at Tweetiepie Media to help our clients make an impact and get people talking about them, because at the end of the day, any marketing you do turns into word-of-mouth online as well as offline!


About one month ago, we came across this great company – Ideal Cases – as a result of POLR’s blog and ever since have been getting more and more people and businesses on board in Scotland.

One such business, and one of our clients, who have really taken Ideal Cases and used it to their advantage marketing wise, is Pinto Mexican Kitchen currently operating just in Glasgow.

Pinto is a Mexican Burrito Bar offering fast casual food. They originally opened on Queen Street in July 2011 and just last week opened their 2nd store in Gordon Street in Glasgow with a slightly different design. Plans are coming along nicely for the 3rd store in Glasgow and they are looking at fast expansion soon afterwards throughout Scotland.

We’ve worked with them from day one on their social media and complimented with great staff, management team and food that people love, we’ve been able to build a strong, loyal following on social media channels which continues to this day.

Always wanting to be different and quirky, we got together with Ideal Cases and came up with this quirky marketing idea…

  • Order your Pinto phone cover from Idealcases.com with a special 40% off code
  • Add your photo to Facebook and tag it along with Pinto
  • Email marketing@pintomexican.com to claim your THREE FREE meal cards
  • and most importantly – ENJOY!
  • Come June, Pinto will then be posting out offers on their social media channels especially for those lucky people with Pinto phone covers!

Click here to see all the different options of Pinto cases.

If you fancy doing something similar with your business, get in touch with us and we can set it all up for you – info@tweetiepiemedia.com or if you just fancy purchasing your own, use this 40% off code – ‘tweetiepie40’ and enjoy 40% off anything on www.idealcases.com!