Club Gym Wellness

Social media, photography, videography

We started with Club Gym Wellness on their overall social media strategy and paid advertising, but identified throughout our initial meeting that the client needed fresh, new photography and videography to elevate their socials and take it in a new direction.

We organised a dedicated photography and videography shoot day where our team captured captivating visuals that showcased the client’s new gym facilities while also reflecting the core values that define their business – community, welcoming and inclusive.

The resulting photos and videos not only served as visual assets but also acted as powerful storytelling tools, portraying the essence of the client’s brand to their target audience.

To maintain a consistent brand image and tone across various platforms, our team has been  actively involved in content creation. We have developed engaging and impactful  content that promotes the client’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and services. By combining our  creative expertise with a deep understanding of the client’s brand, we have been able to  create captivating posts and updates that consistently resonate with their target audience.

In addition to content creation, our team handles the day-to-day social media management tasks on behalf of our client. This involves not only creating and scheduling content but also monitoring their social media feeds and inboxes. By actively engaging with their audience and promptly responding to inquiries or comments, we have helped foster a strong and interactive online presence for the client.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we provide detailed reports to our client on a regular basis. These reports encompass comprehensive social and
advertising analytics, along with in-depth analysis of their statistics. We deliver these reports after each campaign and also provide a monthly summary, ensuring that our client is well-informed about the performance and impact of their social media activities.

Another integral aspect of our role is managing the client’s paid advertising efforts. We formulate an advertising strategy tailored to their objectives and target audience, and subsequently create compelling content and copy for the advertisements. Our team continuously monitors the performance of these adverts, making necessary adjustments to optimise their effectiveness and maximise return on investment.

Overall, our comprehensive approach encompasses photography and videography, content creation, social media management, reporting, and paid advertising. By seamlessly combining these elements, we strive to empower our client to build a strong online presence, effectively communicate their brand story, and achieve their marketing objectives.

Client Name

Club Gym Wellness


Health & wellbeing


Photography and videography
Content creation
Social media management
Paid advertising and management