Our Favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns 2015

Our Favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns 2015!

There are so many fantastic Christmas marketing campaigns we look forward to seeing every year! From the highly anticipated Sainsbury’s advert,to seeing what heartbreaking story John Lewis has for us all this year, the festive season truly is the best for adverts!And let’s face it – it’s just not Christmas until you’ve heard #holidaysarecoming…

So what marketing campaigns have really stood out for us this year? Take a look at our top picks below!

John Lewis – The Man on the Moon
A firm favourite over the last few years, John Lewis has set the bar high for Christmas adverts across the globe! Equal parts heart-warming & heartbreaking, it never fails to disappoint! This year we learned the story of The Man on the Moon:

Cadbury’s – Milk Tray Man
We absolutely love Cadbury’s campaign in the search for a new Milk Tray Man! The nationwide search not only offers YOU the chance to apply, but has also included several quirky adverts and the involvement of celebrities such as Joey Essex & Denise Lewis. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next man (or woman!) in the iconic black polo neck?! Don’t forget to enter!

Warburtons – The Muppets “Giant Crumpet Show”
The Muppets, a catchy tune and giant crumpets – what’s not to love about Warburton’s latest advert?!

Aldi – The Man on the Moon
With out a doubt one of our favourites this year, Aldi’s parody of John Lewis’s Man on the Moon certainly gave us a chuckle! The company’s budget version is quirky & cheeky enough to catch your attention while keeping in the same style of their usual comparison adverts, we think it’s up there with the best this year!

And finally, we couldn’t write this article without mentioning this dark horse from German supermarket Edeka… you know your ad campaign is good if people are talking about it in other countries! If you’ve not seen it, tissues at the ready!

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