Trip Advisor Management

Over the last few years, Trip Advisor has shown the world that the power the customer holds through the online word-of-mouth.

Business owners may complain about Trip Advisor and other similar review sites, however it continues to be a key source of information for travellers. Rather than look at Trip Advisor as a threat to your business, business owners should embrace it and use it as a useful customer feedback tool to improve their business over time.

With Trip Advisor growing at an alarming rate and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it is important for all business owners to ensure that they read and respond to reviews about their business appropriately. Not sure how to? Tweetiepie Media can help with advice, or can take on replying to your Trip Advisor responses for you.

Key Facts

Still not sure if Trip Advisor is right for you, just look at some of these key facts

  • More than 100 million travel reviews and opinions from travelers around the world:
  • 2,700,000+ businesses
  • 125,000+ destinations
  • 1,100,000+ accommodations
  • 725,000+ hotels
  • 400,000+ vacation rentals 
  • 300,000+ attractions
  • 1,300,000+ restaurants
  • 14,000,000+ candid traveler photos
  • More than 70 new contributions are posted every minute.
  • More than 90 percent of topics posted in the TripAdvisor forums are replied to within 24 hours.

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